Core Function Services
PEACE MFI is engaged in the delivery of both Savings and loan services. 
Saving products:  PEACE MFI offers four types of saving services:

    * voluntary savings,
    * regular savings,
    * Mandatory savings, and
    * Institutional savings.

Voluntary saving can be withdrawn any time. Clients are obliged to regularly save with PEACE usually once a month but they have full right to decide on the amount of these regular deposits. Regular savings are not withdrawn as clients are required to remain regular savers so that they can permanently access services from the company. Mandatory savings represent a 10% up front contribution from their own resources as collateral. Institutional saving is the savings of community based institutions. An interest rate of 5% is paid on all types of savings by the institution.

Loan products: There are two major categories of loans: agricultural loans and non-agricultural loans. Non-agricultural loans are provided for clients engaged in petty trade, local beverage production, artesian, hairdressing and barber, transport services using carts, etc. Agricultural loans are taken for goat and sheep rearing, purchase of oxen, fattening, purchase of select seed, fertilizers, dairy cow, etc.
All loans are provided on the basis of group guarantee and joint commitment of group members.
PEACE MFI currently uses group lending. Group lending is classified into Solidarity Group (SG), Intermediate Group (IG) and Association of Groups (AG).
  • Solidarity Group consists of 3 to 8 members.
  • Intermediate Group consists of 9 to 14 members.
  • Association of Groups consists of 3 to 8 federated groups whose total number ranges from 15 to 40 members.
  • Individual lending through material collateral


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Customer Satisfaction

"Customer satisfaction is our profitable jouney and our competitive advantage will lie in retaining the customer longer than our competition." Said CEO of PEACE MFI Mr. Tezera Kebede