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The fiscal year 2021/2022 is the continuation of the former very challenging year which was called the phase of difficulties and opportunities.

The year gave us a very clear vision of aspiring to be a leading microfinance company in Ethiopia by the year 2030. In the fiscal year, we accomplished many tasks that can be a firm foundation for the years to come.

PEACE aspires to be the leading Microfinance company in Ethiopia by the year 2030.


We are women focused MFI who strives to uplift them to bring the desired change expected in the society.

We inculcate in our customers mind that credit is the means that bring an individual or society to the modern way of life.


PEACE is working in five regions of Ethiopia serving loyally via its branches and sub branches with a customer centric service manner for 20+ years.   

Saving at PEACE is like an investment with its Attractive interest rate up to 13%and with a variety of tailored products targeting women’s, children, Individuals, institutions and many more!!!  Saving is all about the future. Keep calm & Save Money.


PEACE Microfinance is engaged in the delivery of both Saving and Loan services.


PEACE Microfinance has saving products with different features. These are:-


PEACE Microfinance has Loan products with different features. These are:-

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