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  • Similar to HH income trend  most of the clients experienced  increased income over the last 12 months . 75.2% of the existing clients and 56.3% of new clients reported so while  about10”% of  clients from both groups have experienced decrease in their income.
  • Here the female clients seem to enjoy more positive impact of the program in increasing their income. 
  • 75% of existing female clients indicated their income has increased as opposed to only 12.1% of the existing male clients. Similarly, 3.9% of existing female clients felt their income has greatly increased while none of the existing male clients felt the same 
  • the same proportion (7.7%) of the existing clients attribute the decrease their income to sickness or death of a household member, natural disaster and poor agricultural season. On the other hand, 38.5% and 23% of the existing client’s income decreased due to poor sales and poor agricultural season 
  • the reasons for the decrease of income for new clients is accounted on various factors: natural disaster (11.1%), poor agricultural season (11.1%), poor sales (33.3%), could not collect credit (22.2%) and others (11.1%) 
  • With regard to the reasons given for the increase in the income relatively higher proportion of both existing clients (30.3%) and new clients (30.0%) account the increase of their income for increase of demand for their products or sales almost the same percentage (28% and 34.3% respectively) were able to increase their income for they expanded the existing enterprise 
  • The above observation, in general, indicates the positive impact of participating in PEACE by enabling the clients to expand their enterprise activities 


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