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Loan and Savings use strategies
  • 56 % of clients had no habit of saving before joining the PEACE program. This definitely reflects the fact that participation in the program encourages savings. 80 % of the respondents have mentioned multiple mechanisms of saving. Majority of clients have mentioned Equib as the most important way of saving; next to equib Cattle and livestock and Edir were mentioned as the most important alternative saving mechanisms. The top three reasons for savings in order of importance are: reserve for bad times or emergency, starting or expanding of business and as a means to access loan.
  • Food self sufficiency, freedom from richer farmers and from vendors and money lenders were the primary changes realized in the life and businesses of clients of Kuy branch after the first loan cycle.  During the significant loan cycle Self dependence in farming and increased ability to cloth and feed children were the changes realized by clients
  • Except for seven clients (18%) who stated that they made no profit during the first cycle; all other clients realized profit during the first and significant loan cycles. Majority of clients used the surpluses they earned after the end of the first cycle to construct and improve their houses, to expand their business and to purchase of cattle and sheep. Business expansion was the most important area of using surpluses during the significant loan cycle; followed by purchase of cattle and sheep, house construction and improvement and house hold expenditures.
  • Majority of clients have said that they did not have any comparable choice to PEACE. All the choices they could have considered are unreliable and not dependable


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