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  • Most women who had no self respect and no self esteem and who have no good perception of themselves and by others have got self respect and self esteem and good perception, became joyful as well as receive respect from other members of the household and the community.
  • The women whose roles have been limited to child bearing and other household chores have now become influential decision makers at household and business level, because of the income they generated and savings mobilized by them. The women, who experienced violence, disrespect and ashamed of requesting their husbands for every minor expense are now covering their own personal expenses and partially their children’s and household expenditures. After the loan there is calm at home, respect from their respective husbands and the latter’s parents. There is also strong involvement in household decision making by women clients at least jointly with their husband
  • The women clients participate in the community affairs and social networks not as a passive member only as used to be in the past. Rather they have got respect and recognition in the community and hence actively participate in many of the social affairs. Some have even goes to the extent of leading the Kebele’s (local administrative unit) and Iqqub or Iddirs.


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