PEACE MFI currently uses group lending. Group lending is classified into Solidarity Group (SG), Intermediate Group (IG) and Association of Groups (AG).
  • Solidarity Group consists of 3 to 8 members.
  • Intermediate Group consists of 9 to 14 members.
  • Association of Groups consists of 3 to 8 federated groups whose total number ranges from 15 to 40 members.
  • Individual lending through material collateral


Partners & Linked Organizations

Agriservice Ethiopia


Women's World Banking


Microfinance Information Exchange

Planet Rating 

Micro Finance African Institution Network (MAIN)

Association of Ethiopia Microfinance Institution

Customer Satisfaction

"Customer satisfaction is our profitable jouney and our competitive advantage will lie in retaining the customer longer than our competition." Said CEO of PEACE MFI Mr. Tezera Kebede