One of the reasons why PEACE MFI exists is to impact in the life of its clients.  As the vision of the company is to see that poverty is eradicated and productive poor especially of women are empowered through sustainable micro enterprises, it is mandatory to review whether the company works towards its vision or not.
PEACE MFI outsourced the impact study on PEACE MFI S.CO in the year 2007 and there is an independent consultant study of impacts.
The impact study will give the level of satisfaction or dissatisfactions of its clients, clients’ empowerment and also captures their voices and there are case studies too.
For detail of the impact study you can read the report and can download it if you like.

Partners & Linked Organizations

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PEACE Achievements

PEACE has achieved a competitive position in the Ethiopia MF sector through a focus strategy that targets rural low income women.  It has experienced significant growth during the past years and the market still has a high level of unmet demand.